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Republic ARC HSDs (Heavy Support Dropship)

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by Rafael Diges Sanz

Scale: 1/72

This ship is an improved version of the Republic Gunship, and was deployed like an escort ship, scout patrol and “seek & destroy” ARC missions. His transport cell supports a ARC clone squad (16 units with all weaponry) and 3 BARC speeders.

This model was inspired in the Space Marines dropship from “Aliens” film, translated at Star Wars universe.

The main body is from a 1/45 AH-64 Apache; the tail and wings , from a 1/72 BAe Harrier; the cockpit, from a 1/72 Saab SJ-37 Viggen. The front part was built with sheet styrene and several parts from other kits and toys were used for the weapons and other details. The scheme of color is from a Republic gunship from the Clone Wars T.V. series.

To finish the model, I used generic acrylics and various types of decals from other kits. The nose art is a handmade work. The support base is temporary and was built with methacrylate. In whole, I have been 3 weeks (more or less…) in finishing it.


Image: Head on

Image: From behind

Image: Top

Image: Underneath

Image: Left/front view

Image: Above/left

Image: Scary

Image: Rear view

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