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FRX-99 Rafe UCAV

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by Wunji Lau

Scale: 1/100

In the anime “Supersylph Yukikaze,” the FRX-99 Rafe is an unmanned air-superiority fighter, used to fight invading aliens. Bandai’s EX kit has been available for years, but I only just recently got around to building mine.

I decided to give the plane a “real life” paint scheme, (never mind that in real life, this plane would be unlikely to even fly, let alone engage in combat maneuvering). I imagined it as a near-future unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) in service with the USAF, AI-controlled and autonomous except for the requirement of human authorization to arm its weapons. The markings are for an aircraft ordered in 2010 and subsequently assigned to the 412th Test Wing at Edwards AFB.

The kit was built stock, painted with Tamiya acrylics (FS Neutral Gray mostly), and lightly washed and weathered. The decals are a mix of kit decals, bits box leftovers, and custom markings made with laser decal paper. Considering the kit’s price tag, the included decals took a lot of work; they’re thick, and respond poorly to solvent. The leftover Revell decals I had to use for the USAF roundels were also lousy, but at least I was expecting that.

Image: Top view

Image: Left side

Image: Underneath

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