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by Nicholas Sagan

Scale: 1/3000 (?)

I got this kit because it was the only one available in this size. After watching Star Trek: Nemesis once more I became really interested in this design. I was never really a fan of the older Romulan designs and really only dug the D'deridex and naturally this one appealed to me. Since it was a less expensive kit I sprung the $15 and built it up.

One odd thing about this cast is that the wings are pretty horizontal, whereas the actual design features more curved-down wings. I tried to compensate for this by shortening the width of the ventral support wings. It helped a little but the curve wasn't severe enough. Also, while I was washing the resin parts the lower neck pylon fell down the drain so I used a bit of plexi scrap and a couple of brass rods to replace it. I began painting with a base coat of gloss pearlescent green and then used an Exacto blade to etch in the paneling on the wings. My hope was that those lines would show up well after the second coat, which they did. And there is a nice greenish kind of glow where the second darker green coat didn't hit.

Image: Top/right view

Image: Below and behind

Image: Underneath

Image: Base color

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