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Star Trek

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by Alan Zais

Scale: Not stated

The TOS Enterprise crew have gotten themselves into another alternate universe difficulty--they're frogs. Trapped by a disagreeable alien, we find Mr. Spock in the center with his tricorder and loading the phaser cannon, the ubiquitous red shirt crewman, or crewfrog, defending the landing party with a well placed phaser shot, and Captain Kirk in the yellow shirt with a communicator, urgently encouraging Mr. Scott to "beam us up!". We should assume the scene is about 23 or 24 moments into the episode, so there is still time for the crew to escape the mid-episode danger and find a way to return to human form. We may imagine Dr. McCoy ("I'm a doctor, not a High School Biology Teacher, damn it!") will manage to find a cure. There may be a heartbreaking moment where Captain James T. Kirk must leave the lovely female frog behind.

I can't find a metric ruler! The dragon is from Reaper, three inches high and a multitude of airbrushed MM enamels. The vegetation is Railroad Scenics, and the tree stump is styrene and is also airbrushed. I've had the frogs for over 25 years (belieing my age) so their origin is unknown. I repainted them for this diorama by painting Starfleet uniforms, adding hair (including the Shatner 2000), fabricating the communicator and tricorder from styrene, and the phaser fire is just a piece of clear red sprue heated and stretched. The frogs are about a quarter inch tall.

Image: My, what sharp teeth you have....

Image: From above

Image: Redshirt

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