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Faucet Fighter


by David Miller

Scale: 1/48
This is my entry in the scratch built part of the contest. The main body was built out of an old faucet I removed from the tub. The cockpit glass is a cover from a toothbrush package. The rest of the fighter came from old models I had built as a kid that were damaged in some way. The black and white disk behind the cockpit is like an AWACS system that controls the rear gun. All the guns are 6 barreled: that's 24 barrels forward, 6 to the rear.

I used pastel chalks mixed with thinner, over Testors' flat paint. The decals of the dragons, stars, and the girl, I printed on Testors' decal paper. The rest of the decals came from the leftover box.

The ship is part of the Blackstar group, Black Dragon Squadron. The pilot has named his ship "Killer Looks." Just like most fighter pilots he wanted to personalize his ship.

Image: Top view

Image: Underneath

Image: Again

Image: Belly art

Image: Left/rear view

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