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USS Saber

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by Jay W. Frizell

Scale: 1/1400

This model was built stock right out of the box. This is the 1/1400 scale Starcrafts Saber Class Scout. The kit consisted of 5 parts which needed quite a bit of clean-up work to finish. The shape of the model allowed assembly before painting which was done in several coats. Aftermarket decals were applied for a nicer appearance. This kit was my first attempt at a resin model. I had to learn what I was doing as I went along.

I am happy with the outcome although now, I see things I would do a little differently. This is a nice little model to go along with some of the larger plastic kits to show the scale. Because of the finished product, I intend to do other resin starships for my collection.

Image: Right/rear view

Image: Underneath

Image: Right/front

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