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Horus Landing Craft #432

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by Brian Hardy

Scale: 1/32

The Horus landing craft was designed by Lee Idylwood of NROP Aeronautics. Originally based off a civilian interplanetary cargo van, the Horus is used primarily as an armored landing craft capable of carrying up to 15 passengers and gear, or as a cargo version. The Horus is manned by a three man crew consisting of a pilot, copilot, and flight engineer/gunner. In its landing craft configuration it is only capable of short range flights, but in the cargo configuration it is capable of extended flights of up to ten months duration. This model is Horus #423 of the 17th Air Lift Sqaudron.

The model was built from various parts from the spares box. The fuselage was built from the wings of a Stuka dive bomber, styrene sheet, a railroad coal tender, and a Star Wars AT-AT. The command cupola consists of two 1/72 scale Panzer V tanks turned round and glued together. The crew members are Marx figures. The engines are the hilts of a couple of light sabres from the dollar store. Various other pieces came from car models, bottle caps, a disco ball, a Pegasus power plant and various junk. It was painted with a base coat of black Fusion paint, followed by a coat of Fusion silver, and finished with assorted Tamiya acrylics for detail.

Image: Top view

Image: Belly exit ramp

Image: Sensors and weapons

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