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by Matt Springer

Scale: 1/72

This is an out of box build of the 1/72 TIE Phantom resin kit. The TIE Phantom first appeared in the video game Rebel Assault, as a TIE fighter with shields, a hyper drive, and a cloaking device. While it has appeared in video games since then, according to Star Wars lore, it was a very rare craft with all prototypes destroyed by our rebel heroes, along with the minerals to create new cloaking devices.

After a rinse in dish soap, the main hull was built and putty applied to the major gaps. The wings were assembled separately. Once primed, the kit was painted using Intermediate Blue with an airbrush, and then lighter shades of blue for highlights. Once masked, the panels on the wings were painted a flat black. The cockpit was a solid cast, so black paint was applied with a brush and a Gundem Marker. A gloss coat was applied, and the kit was given an oil wash in Payne’s Grey. Pastels were lightly added to simulate exhaust and carbon scoring. The parts were then all assembled, and the kit was sprayed with dull coat.

Image: Cockpit, from above

Image: Above

Image: Right/front

Image: Rear view

Image: Below

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