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Asteroids Do Not Concern Me, Admiral

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by George Winder

Scale: 1/20,000

I decided to create a diorama of the infamous Imperial Fleet hunting down the rebels from Hoth in a nearby asteroid field. The Fleet experiences heavy damage at the command of Lord Vader searching for the rebels (Han, Leia, Chewie, and C-3P0) who will lead him to his son.

I used the Korbanth 1/20,000 scale 38" Super Star Destroyer kit (an amazing kit). I airbrushed the hull a blue/grey color with a little bit of a metallic sheen. The "city scape" in the center of the hull both dorsal and bottom (and the engine area) are a darker Medium Blue that was than dry brushed in the hull color to make it look like the original filming model. I used Gun Metal powder from the Tamiya Weathering Master Set to accent the panel lines in the hull and to shade. Quite a bit of work went into this.

The 3 in-scale Imperial Star Destroyers are actually from the Hasbro gaming set " Starship Battles". I had to do some minor work on them to get them to look right. They are 1/20,000 scale also. I used store-bought light weight lava rocks for the asteroids.

I posed all items on plexiglass rods to make them look like they were in space at different heights. I decided to use a white back drop so that the models would be more obvious. I think all in all it came out looking pretty cool.

Image: Cityscape, from above

Image: Fly-by

Image: Left/rear

Image: Left/front

Image: Above and behind

Image: Another look

Image: Engines

Image: Consorts

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