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U.S.S. Pittsburgh

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by Scott Scariot

Scale: 1/1400
This is the U.S.S. Pittsburgh. It is the second of the 6 Forbes class starships. These ships were commissioned just before the Dominion war ended. The idea behind the class was to take the very successful Sovereign class design and add range speed and power to the ships by adding the third nacelle. After the end of the war the ships of the Forbes class were reassigned to exploration duty.

This model began as an idea from the members of my IPMS chapter. We had planned to do one big group build for 2009 IPMS Nationals, our theme “Pittsburgh”. Since the AMT Enterprise-E had just been reissued I decided to build it as my part of the build, but I didn’t want a standard Sovereign. So I also bought the MMI Sovereign dreadnaught conversion kit from Federation Models.

Assembly was a breeze. I printed out Arthur Pendragon’s Sovereign class aztec decals and used them on the model. To make the model stand out I designed a decal sheet that included the logos of all of Pittsburgh’s professional sports teams and the championship trophies that each team has won. The model turned out very well. Unfortunately, I and only one other member of our club finished our models in time for Nats, but I still wound up with a cool model.

Image: Motors

Image: Shuttlebay

Image: Another angle

Image: Saucer, above

Image: Below

Image: Detail

Image: Under the nacelles

Image: Lifeboats

Image: Other side

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