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by Scott Scariot

Scale: 1/6

This is R3-V3. R3-V3 was bought by the House of Alderaan and served as a gunner on board the Tantive IV.

This project started out as an MPC R2-D2 kit. I created accurate resin parts to add to the basic R2 body. That was the easy part. The hard part was finding a transparent part to use for the dome. I was able to find a store in California that not only sold domes but had a website I could buy from. Once I had the dome I had to build the brain for inside it. The brain is a kitbash from bits out of my spares box. I had a lot of fun building the brain. While I was building the brain I wove fiber optics into the brain for lighting later. I painted the brain with Alclad metalizer. The fibers are lit with a single Tri-colored LED. The body was painted off-white and detailed with Testors Napoleonic Violet.

Image: right/rear view

Image: Rear

Image: Right side

Image: Front

Image: He's thinking ....

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