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by Alan Price

Scale: Not stated

I am a wildlife photographer living and working in North Wales, UK. My hobby is creating Sci-Fi images just for the hell of it. And that includes producing one- off spacecraft models. The models are photographed in various angles and then placed onto a photoshop backdrop which can also include digital images of rocks and metal etc.

The model shown here consists of 2000 parts and is 3 ft long, 3 ft high and 15 inches wide. It took 2 months to complete. The name "Aoife" is my 3 year old granddaughters name and is Irish. Main framework is in timber with dressing of small auto parts and plastic components found in hardware store. No kit components are ever used on my work, all designs are unique and evolve in the making. That way I get more enjoyment seeing the craft take on its own identity each day. Aoife has a shuttle craft aft, a drone at base and 4 escape pods on angled front. Canons are positioned on wings and nose.

All my ships have a distressed sprayed paint finish to create a more used look.

My work can be seen on www.mycosmos.co.uk. The last image is simply to show how the finished product looks in a scenic composition and not intended for use in the competition. All the ship's lighting is done in photoshop together with movement and texture effects.

Image: Left/front view

Image: Head on

Image: Digital art

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