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FWS (Falling with Style)


by Ray King

Scale: Not Stated

Here is the brief story of the year long development of this starship I named FWS (Falling with Style). This rocket was designed and built from a picture of the EA Kestrel Shuttle from Federation Models' site.

The body of the rocket is 2 vacuum formed shells with balsa wings (or fins). The engine cones are made of paper cones, balsa rings, card board tube, and string to represents the ribbing. The substructure of the model is cardboard tubes and balsa supports. This entry is unique in that it is designed to actually fly. The rocket is powered by 3 - 18mm engines which provide enough power to lift it to a nice altitude.

The shell assembly was sprayed with 3 coats of Krylon White Primer. After lightly sanding the primer, I sprayed white gloss (Model Master Acryl 4696). Next, I masked and sprayed gray (Testors Acryl 921535). Next came red (Guards Red), I masked and painted with (Model Master Acryl 4632). The final color was Gloss Black (Model Master Acryl 4695). After black, I added decals for the number and other special symbols. Finally, I added 3 costs of Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss.

The engine cone assemblies were painted with 2 coats of gray (Testors Acryl 921535). Next, I hand painted flat black (Model Master Acryl 4768) between all the support ribs. Next, I sprayed a diluted flat black on to the cone assemblies to give them a weather/used appearance.

Although the picture I built from was weathered I chose to leave this one as showroom quality. I plan to weather the next one I build.

Image: Components

Image: Right/front view

Image: Right/rear

Image: Left/rear

Image: Lift off!

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