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Separatist Privateer

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by Brian Hardy

Scale: 1/32

This is a Separatist Privateer built from salvaged space craft parts on the planet Sullust. It was sold to a human separatist freedom figther by the name of Nairb Ydrah. Its twin Incom engines, Donaught hyperdrive capabilities and heavy armament and sensor array made it a deadly long range recon fighter.

The model is the first kitbash spacecraft I ever built. I was inspired by the work of the great spacecraft designer John Douglas, so I took the fuselage of an ARC-170 fighter and turned it upside down and backwards. The pontoons are the two halves of a Cobra gunship. The belly of the ship is primarily sheet styrene with parts from various car models, two torpedo tubes from a PT boat, some locomotive wheels, and other stuff. The canopy was a Lego piece I found. The pilot, Nairb Ydrah, is a 1980s vintage NATO pilot by PJ Productions. The navigation droid was the head of a Lego character. My favorite piece has to be the old fashioned loop antenna above the cockpit. It was painted with a base coat of Fusion flat black, then re-painted with Fusion silver. The upper surfaces were painted with Tamiya white and U.S. Navy aircraft blue.

Image: Front view

Image: Cockpit

Image: Underneath

Image: Above

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