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Klingon Destroyer Cha'Do

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by Eric McCrary

Scale: Not stated

I named this one the Klingon Destroyer "cha'Do". In Klingon it means "a bird that little is known about".

I imagine that this ship was rechristened as the Klingon Destroyer cha'Do, sometime after the Next Generation era. It represents a prototype retro-fitted destroyer. The Klingons had vast shipyards with outdated destroyers just sitting there. This was an experimental prototype attempt, to keep up with the advances in Federation and Romulan technology. It also has advanced sensors and a perfect cloak to keep an eye (or ear) on the latest Borg advancements. It had been field tested but no offical record exisits of the cha'Do. It is mainly used as a spy ship, but is more than capable of engaging enemies. If it does engage the enemy must be destroyed to keep the cha'Do under wraps.

It is a Klingon destroyer from the St: TOS. (From AMT I think). The surface was blank and dull, exactly like the original. I added several spare Star Wars kits parts and cut styrene pieces for it. The engine nacelles mainly have some Slave One parts re-purposed, like the seats and the bombs used in Episode II. The top hull has some pieces from Anakin's Starfighter from Episode 3. There are also several triangular styrene pieces - I used garage sale signs for the styrene. Also the forward bridge section has several sensor-looking pieces. There is a dish on the underside of the bridge. The neck has been corrected and added several tubes, pipes and styrene details. I drilled the "window" ports out using a hand micro-drill. For paint I sprayed a layer of krylon hammered chrome and then a layer of black, then sanded away most of the black to let the chrome show.

Image: Left/front view

Image: Port side

Image: Right/rear

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