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Imperial Warhound Titan Wreck

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by Bill Perry

Scale: 30mm

Materials: Cardstock, cardboard, markers, paint, gesso, Aileen's clear glue, sand finish paint additive, railroad grass.

This depicts the cockpit wreckage of an Imperial Warhound Titan cockpit and crew left behind after a city fight.

This model is completely out of paper and cardboard, with the exception of the railroad grass and the Aileen's clear glue for the puddle.

The leaves on the tree are markered paper, the tree itself is from a toilet paper tube, peeled apart to make various branches and then covered with a gesso/sand mix and painted. The moss covered stone and road were completed using the same technique. The wreck itself was from a simple online file and heavily modified to match the Forgeworld resin kit. The interior is completely scratch built as are the unfortunate occupants. To get the blistered rust effect, I mixed up some glue and sand and applied it to the edges of the model and then drybrushed over it.

Image: Right side (road side)

Image: Right/rear view

Image: Above/left

Image: From above, with top off

Image: Components

Image: Base

Image: Right/front

Image: Above

Image: More left

Image: Unfortunate crew

Image: Tree

Image: Left side (tree side)

Image: Banana tree?

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