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by Nathan Huff

Scale: 1/72

This project took me over 10 months to build. It's about 8½ inches tall and is mostly made from sheet plastic. In the beginning all I was going to do was modify a Imex Robogear T-Rex, but after awhile the project took on a life of its own. I looked at different designs from the Battletech franchise and made a mech from various chassis. It resembles a lot of the Mechwarrior Madcat but I didnít want to copy the design but make something that would compliment it. I took parts from modern armor and gundam kits.

The most difficult thing was painting it. The base color was sprayed on and the second color was by hand. It took many coats to get the second color to look even. The markings set the mech in the Mechwarrior Dark Age series. Itís a battlemech of a Paladin of the Republic. The weathering was done by pastels and by airbrushing.

Image: Crunchy-eye view

Image: Left/front

Image: Head-on

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