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Castor Star System - Serpent Class Fighter


by Roger Shuffield

Scale: Not stated

After much inspiration from John Douglass' Artships, I found this little caster from a discarded office chair and as they say, this is the rest of the story.

I scrounged everything glueable I could get my hands on from my model kits and my son's action toy discards (yeah, some Lego stuff, too) and discovered this bad-axe little fighter ship in there. The dimensions are: 5 1/2" long x 3 1/2" wide x 3" deep.

The tubes in front that create the "serpent scale" look are from an ink pen with sheet-cut caps; The upper deck is a Lego thing of unknown function, the extreme front of which gives a definite serpent snout appearance. I consider the top-front-most black area to be a bridge (20 crewmen - some indication of relative size) above the open area underneath that would be the docking station.

The caster rollers, which rotate independently are the platform for this ship's defensive cannons. The third cannon is atop the ship and (theoretically) rotates on its own - the three cannons creating a daisy-wheel firing capability...fast, highly maneuverable, accurate and thoroughly nasty.

The engine and cowling are from a kaleidescope thing cut apart and refashioned with a cap magazine in far aft.

The metallic colors are Rustoleum Hammered Finish spray paint (a little too shiny, but different). The black of the caster is the color of the material itself and all other blacks are brush-on acrylic craft paint.

Hope y'all enjoy. I did.

Image: Rear view

Image: Top

Image: Underneath

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