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I Am Ironman

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by Kenneth Milano

Scale: 1/6

Tony Stark gave the world a great weapon for good, and Moebius Models gave the world a decent replica of the armor to play with. Here is my rendition of the famous Ironman Punch pose.

I started the project by assembling the model subsections, them cutting out all the joints and sculpting new ones with alot of Apoxie Clay. The wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, neck, and waist (and a fist) were all sculpted out of apoxie for the correct pose (or as close as I could get). I had to add length to the elbows and wrists so Ironman could reach the ground. The waist armor and left leg were repositioned many times to get the best twisted pose. The model is lit with two 5mm white LEDs - one for the chest and one for the eyes. The batteries and switch are hidden under the base.

I wanted to show the force of the punch, so I added cracks to the wood base by applying a thin layer of bondo and cutting out the cracks. The front crack goes through the thickness of the base.

Ironman was painted with a black primer and a base coat of Tamiya Acrylic Gold Leaf (X-12) paint. The red color was Gunze Sangyo Acrylic Russet and panel lines accented with a mix of Tamiya black and red paints. The base was painted with Tamiya black and gunmetal and Badger weathered black paints.

Image: Rear view

Image: Fist

Image: From above

Image: Another view

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