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Rescue at Mustafar

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by Scot Hogan

Scale: 1/2250

The ship: Venator-class Republic Star Destroyer Legacy.
Current Mission: Escort Palpatine to Mustafar and recover the smoldering Skywalker stump for immediate medical procedures.
Next Mission: Report to the Kuat shipyards and have those pesky republic insignia and colors removed.

This is the standard 1/2250 scale Revell kit distributed out of Germany. The lighting kit was scratch-built and includes 8 LEDs in the engine housings and 4 internal LEDs for the fiber-optics. It operates off of a removable 9v DC power supply.

The main hull was painted in multiple shades of gray using an “Aztec” technique. Once all the shades were applied, the panel lines were scribed with the back of an xacto knife, exposing the original, darker shade of gray. I used still pictures from Revenge of the Sith for color references rather than the Revell painting guide. Most of the ship was painted by airbrush, with small surface details painted by hand.

The Mustafar base is scratch-built. The Mustafar planetoid is solid cast resin and has roughly 20 layers of paint, starting with the fluorescent lava-orange. Most of the paint was applied with “Q-Tips” and sponges. The black base is constructed from four thin plywood discs, with inner cavities cut out for the adapter plug, on/off switch and wiring. The support rods are clear acrylic, 2-solid, 1-hollow.

Image: Rear view

Image: Underneath

Image: Right/rear detail

Image: Top/rear

Image: Detail

Image: Right/rear

Image: Right/front

Image: Upper hull

Image: Main battery

Image: Paint detail

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