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To Eat or Not to Eat...

[Proudly Sponsored by BLAP! Models]

by Joachim van den Heuvel

Scale: 1/72

A space explorer returns to his ride after collecting samples from the nearby fungi. He doesn't notice the alien creature watching him. The creature wonders if the spaceman will be suitable to eat.

The vehicle is made from a Italeri JS2 fast assembly tank. Exterior pieces on the hull were added as well as a radar dish that replaces the turret. All donor pieces are from the Finemolds Falcon. The kit I bought at the time turned out to be very incomplete so I used it for kitbashing. The vehicle was painted in enamels and got some turpentine washes and weathering with Tamiya weather kit B.

The spaceman is a vintage Airfix astronaut. Painting was done with acrylics. The alien creature is scratchbuild from a clay covered wire armature and is painted with acrylics.

The alien landscape is made from foam. The foam was flocked with railroad scenic material and painted with both acrylic paint and spraypaint until I got the desired look. The fungi are cotton swabs that are cut in half, painted and flocked. They could easily be placed in the foam.

Image: Confrontation

Image: From behind

Image: Creature

Image: Satellite view

Image: Side

Image: Other side

Image: Run!

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