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Jedi Starfighter

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by Nicholas Sagan

Scale: 1/72

One of my favorite scenes in Attack of the Clones was the asteroid field chase between Slave I and Obi-wan. It was definitely a highlight for the Delta 7 Jedi Starfighter, as that ship didn't really get a lot of on-screen battle time. While I wouldn't say this is my favorite fighter design to come from Star Wars, it sure did captivate me enough to spring for this model. I also knew that I wanted to do something a little different in terms of deco, especially with some of Hasbro's repaint designs so close to my desk...

The paint scheme is based off of Saesee Tiin's designs, which only showed up in the form of the smaller Titanium Series ships. The toughest part was adding the horns on the pilot figure, who was sculpted to be Obi-wan. I just slowly built them up using some acrylic paint. The deco layers were also a little bit of challenge because I had to work in layers, beginning with the orange and the center stripe. The red and black markings were hand painted and then outlined with a very fine tip brush.

Overall, it's a nicely designed ship and kit that was a lot of fun to build and I was very happy with the end result of such a steady hand!

Image: Right side

Image: Pilot

Image: Underneath

Image: Behind

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