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Ard Mour's Pod Racer

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by Brian Hardy

Scale: ~1/20

Ard Mour is one of the few humans to ever have competed in a pod race. Not much is known about Mour's background. He was born in to a wealthy family on Naboo but spent most of his life on outer rim planets. It was rumoured that he had to flee Naboo after killing a Jedi in a dispute over a woman. Mour was the only known Nabooan to have competed as a pod racer. He competed in seven races on Tatooine finishing third on two occasions. He later gained fame as a lawman on the outer rim frontier.

The model is approximately 1/20 scale. The pod itself is a kitbash of a Seaquest kit combined with an aircraft tail, a couple of ball point pens, and various auto and boat parts. The control arms are built from styrene tube surrrounding coat hanger wire for rigidity. The twin DS Flashlight engines were constructed of dollar store flashlights, and miscellaneous locomotive parts, wires, cord, car wheels, ball point pens and other junk. The plasma binder is melted clear acrylic sprue painted with Tamiya clear red. The whole thing received a coat of Fusion silver and Tamiya US Navy Blue. Mour is a Star Wars figure that I repainted.

Image: Driver

Image: Front view

Image: Engine

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