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Asteroid Ore Miner

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by Rick Hopkins

Scale: Not stated

My entry is an asteroid ore mining ship. Its a kit bashed entry with many different types of models used to build this 10" long and 5"high model. The main hull is from the AMT kit of the "AT-AT" . The front area of the ship is from the stand (or base) of the AMT's newer Star Trek Adversary set - the one with three models of the Klingon BoP, Romulan Warbird and the Ferengi ship.

After constructing the two main body areas I searched my vast parts boxes for the rest of the ship. Here are of some parts used: 1/35 scale German "Loki" shells (the drill tip heads), 1/72 Star Wars Y-Wing engines, 1/16 scale American half track head lights. Notice the small version of the Klingon bird of prey (top half) attached to the nose of the ship. The landing gear are composed of parts from the Revell of Germany's "Marco Polo" kit, real metal screw threads, Falcon leg and lots and lots of 1/16 scale T-34 tank parts. I then started adding pipes and hoses and anything I could find to detail up empty spots on the ship. On the front of the ship near the main hull I even used parts from a real automotive distributor (old school ignition points). I painted this mining ship in dark gray with lots of weathering and rust everywhere. All in all it took me about 3 weeks to complete.

Image: Ground level view

Image: Above/right

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