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by Alexandre Dumas

Scale: 1/87

The Swift is one of the most impressive spacecraft designs seen in Space 1999. It was designed by Ron Burton & Brian Johnson and built by Martin Bower. Unfortunately, the Swift featured in only one episode, Brian The Brain.

The Swift was a class of exploration craft launched from Earth. Four Swifts took off from Earth in 1996 along with a mothership, on a mission which disappeared without trace.

This is a scratchbuilt model I have completed recently. It took me over a year and a half to complete. The model is in scale with Product Enterprise's 12" Eagles and measure just a little under 14 inches long (about 2 inches longer than the Eagle diecast.)

The model is mostly made of resin with a brass armature, brass and aluminium struts and features exquisite aluminium bells and VTOLS made by Mike Reader.

Image: Front view

Image: Port side

Image: With Eagle

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