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Just Glue It!

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by Sergio Palumbo

Scale: 1/48

It's an ordinary day in the Museum of Old History in Orck Town on planet Junkkt...

As usual, our team of three gnoblars - formerly preys of war during an assault on a Ogree village ( but it happened more than four years ago...) and then full time workers for this Museum- is attending the cleaning of the several rooms of the building. Yes, even the Space Orks had got an evolution...well, maybe very different from the one of other races, but anyway an evolution. It has been a looong road from their first villages with some tatched houses in the mud near the mountains to the factory - towns and their modern civilization, and this Museum is here just to testify their history, from the first known wars to the modern ones. Here you can see display windows showing ancient pieces of art, weapons, equipment and remains from the old times to the most lethal and recent arms of destruction commonly used from the Space Orks.

The place we are now in is the Chamber of Grattk, inside the Wing of Remembrance, and is has been set so to honour the memory of Grattk the Orck Chief, a prominent figure in past history, the Space Ork that started a war against a fierce clan nearby that went on for almost 20 years with cruel fightings and bloody battles everywere in the surroundings. Well, that war cost so many lives and was cause to lot of destruction before Grattk, unexpectedly ( but many think he was very drunk and not quite aware where he was...) one day he ceased it, just because he had forgotten the reason why it had begun. Well, really, one of his attendants tried to remind him about the cause of the war, but it was a bad move ...that day was not a good day for Grattk and so the attendant had a bad end as the Chief took his mace and threw it just on his face, crumbling it completely on the ground.

After that, no other Ork dared to remind his Chief that night ( notwithstanding his being right..) and so finally the war was over. There were long and happy celebrations just to let the population enjoy the peace, and it is told that just during those days long gone that a famous Ork artist asked his Chief to pose for the sculpting of his huge statue. That is the same that we can admire here today, just in the Wing of Remembrance inside this Museum as it has come to us until nowadays. Grattk is fixed in a proud pose, holding in his left hand his heavy war mace, the same he is supposed he used that day to put to silence his impudent attendant.

Well, there always something to do here. I mean, cleaning the floor, put the rubbish in the right place - not on the ground everywhere the common Orks usually do...but better not to tell them anything about that, they tend to become brutal at times - and set everything in order. The Orks are not so used to order or cleaniness by nature. Well, we have not so many tourists here, mainly boys and youngsters forced to come and see some traces of the old past of their strong race. They do that unwillingly, but they do... So the day goes on...and even today promises to be a loooooong day of cleaning. Opening time is at 10:00 AM and there stil a lot to do...

But...whatever I am to see! Greater Ork of Heaven... One of my stupid cleaners had done a terrible damage; using the ladder he has inadvertently broken one of the arms of the statue. WHAT A DISASTER!

The big marble arm stay on the floor, all of us gather together around it. I cry out, offending my worker that did such a damage, while my other collegue cries out in reply, and our cries of desperation soon fill the entire Chamber. All the feloows of mine stare at me, and I look at them, and they look at me, when finally one of them asked "What may we do now ...?"....and I, upset and unable to think of something else, I'm only capable of saying "What could we do...?"...and soon after "Just Glue it! "

Then, my collegues start crying out again, and our cries of anger fill the entire Chamber. There is a self evident truth awaiting for all of us: as soon as the proprietor of the Museum of Old History will see that disaster, well, at the end of the day we'll be not more that cannon fodder for the gun announcing the next dawn on top of the Tower of Council tomorrow morning...

This diorama is set on a round wooden base, made as the floor of a sort of Chamber placed inside a strange Space Orks' Museum of History in the future. The figures are three Gnoblars by GW in 25 mm, the display windows come from some old box of warmachine miniatures, There is some cardboard on the rear of them and part of a translucent sprue as lights on top and at the bottom, while inside it's possible to look at some rests from various GW, Confrontation and other kits which have been put on show as ancient pieces of art. The bombs are from Tamiya, Hasegawa,Revell and Italeri kits, and soon...the main statue is a big Fantasy Ogree painted so to try to think of it as a sort of old marble color decoration. All is in 1/48 scale. The colors are acrylics at most and oils on the faces of the miniatures.

Image: From behind the display cases

Image: Oh, my!

Image: We are sooooo dead

Image: From above

Image: Starting point

Image: Cases

Image: Artefacts

Image: More

Image: Completed displays

Image: Statue

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