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Escape from Dark Forest

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by Jürgen Rath

Scale: 1/72

The engines were howling when Rygar Canue tried to accelerate his skychopper in the muddy something of Dark Forest. Before this scene he was flying over the giant territory of the forest as the control panel indicated that one turbine has been overheated. The skilled pilot managed to land in one of these stinky swamps. Fortunately the skychopper was primary designed for water landings.

Thereafter Rygar took the emergency repair box out of the chopper and started searching for the defective part. During this time strange noises appeared all around and glooming eyes rushed through the misty darkness. This woods have never been really explored and the few things people know about them were not very amusing. Even the rumor went around that people have not come back who ever entered Dark Forest.

The story so far - for my little scene in the scale 1:72. I used a picture frame and a sheet of wood for the base, some modeling paste for the terrain and wallpaper glue for the swamp. The mushrooms are made of the parts of a yoyo which I put hot water on. The tree is a real tree branch.

Further I painted all with acrylic colours and finished the swamp with gloss varnish. The moss was formerly the "leaves" of miniature trees.

The skychopper is mostly built from the body of a model car and some parts of a model jet plane. The diorama stayed in the cellar for a while until I thought it was a good time to improve some things and to make photos for the "Just glue it !" - contest.

Image: Top view

Image: From behind the vehicle

Image: Above the skychopper

Image: Side view

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