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by Jim Leach

Scale: 1/6

This entry is my version of the Internet hoax BOILERPLATE. When I discovered the character, fictional history, and web site I could not resist trying to build my own Victorian robot. I used PVC pipe, ABS and plexiglass plastic, a 12 inch artists model, Apoxie sculpt, brass tubing, electric wiring and bulbs, left overs from the parts box (gears, etc.), and various 1/6 scale military details (helmet, rifle, ammo packs). He was finished with testors MM flat black, dry brushed with brass acryl paint, and sealed with testors semigloss. He was scaled to be a 1/6 scale figure with self contained operational lights for the eyes and the chest box. And he is posable. Additionally, for a 1/32 scale project I also created a smaller version. I included one photo with a triple A batttery so you can get an idea of the approximate size of the figure.

For more info go check out the official site of the original Boilerplate. Check out the price for an original ... now you see why I made my own!

Image: Inner workings

Image: Ready for action

Image: Another look

Image: I shall call him .... MiniMe

Image: Boilerplate recommends Duracell


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