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Project Moon Goose

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Sponsored by BLAP! Models

by Jürgen Rath

Scale: 1/72

Well, when I saw the theme of the new contest it did not take long before I had an idea: a garden in which a huge, rocket-like spaceship stands. Built by .... kids, and all ready to take off. Naturally the parents don't believe that this vehicle could fly to the moon or beyond? And is this a real robot the boy plays with?

The parts for the spaceship are a little jet plane, the body of a pocket lamp and things from my toolbox. For the scaffolding with the ramps and the lift I used collected plastic parts, some plywood and model ship planks. I guess the plastic parts are from a video recorder. The lawn, the kids and the trees are model train accessories in 1/72 or HO scale. Also the fence is made of model ship planks and the swing is made with matches.

Image: Overall

Image: Back side

Image: Another

Image: Gantry

Image: Graffitti

Image: Kids will be kids...

Image: Ramps and lift

Image: Ground level

Image: Top stage

Image: Other side

Image: Bouncer

Image: Ground support

Image: Closer look

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