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Sponsor's Award
First Men on the Moon KIT 12
LM-5 Ascent Stage SCRATCH 06 
Liberty Bell 7 DIO 06
(Box Stock, Accurized, or Limited/Commercially-Available Conversions)
firstplace.jpg Molly Brown KIT 04 
Mark IX Hawk(s) KIT 09
Moonbase Alpha Clock KIT 08 
FOURTH PLACE 1/48 Apollo Spacecraft (Revell) Reconstruction KIT 06 
UK COE Lunar Lander KIT 02 
Jupiter 246 KIT 03
Apollo 11 Astronaut KIT 05
Lunar Excursion Module KIT 07
Luna Pawn KIT 10 
Apollo CSM KIT 11
First Men on the Moon KIT 12 
Eagle Transporter KIT 13
Apollo CSM KIT 14 
Moonbase Alpha KIT 15
Scratchbuilt and Kitbashed Entries
Celestial Sphere Britannia SCRATCH 13 
LM-5 Ascent Stage SCRATCH 06 
Lunokhod 2 SCRATCH 05 
FOURTH PLACE Moonlight Serenade SCRATCH 10 
FIFTH PLACE Apollo11 Lunar Module SCRATCH 02 
Narrow Gauge Moon Mining Cars SCRATCH 01 
Earth-Moon Express SCRATCH 03 
Earthforce Mutt SCRATCH 04 
Saturn V Lunar Rocket SCRATCH 07 
N1-L3 Soviet Moon Rocket SCRATCH 08 
Man In The Moone SCRATCH 09 
Lunar Bug SCRATCH 11 
Big Navy Salute SCRATCH 12 
Dioramas, Vignettes and Collections
Nuclear Disposal Area 2 DIO 08
Apollo 17 DIO 03
First Time DIO 01
Move Me to the Moon DIO 11
FOURTH PLACE Busy on the Moon's Surface DIO 07
Project Moon Goose DIO 02
Retro Lunar Landing DIO 04
Going like a bat! DIO 05
Liberty Bell 7 DIO 06
No Return DIO 09
The Lunar Leech DIO 10
M*A*S*H DIO 12
Space: 1999 Reboot DIO 14

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