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Mark IX Hawk(s)

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Sponsored by BLAP! Models

by Bruce Rollins

Scale: 1/72

The Mark IX Hawk was commissioned by the Global Defense Command to defend mankind from extraterrestrial attack. In the television series "Space: 1999", the Hawks were only seen in one episode, "War Games", where they were used to escort a bomber from an alien world to the moon (on its way to turn Moonbase Alpha into a crater of radioactive slag).

The Hawk studio model was originally created with the same basic white coloring as the Eagle Transporters used on Moonbase Alpha. However, since the two craft would be filmed dogfighting one another, the decision was made to add orange trim to the Hawks to make them easier to distinguish from the Eagles. I think it looks better in white, so I just had to have two of them. I searched my spare parts box and was able to find some parts. On eBay I was able to get all of an original Airfix kit. I did not have quite enough parts for two complete models, so I had to be creative with matching the missing parts. I won't tell you which parts were kit-bashed or built from scratch, but if you look closely, you can probably tell.

Image: From above

Image: Underneath

Image: Above/rear view

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