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Saturn V Lunar Rocket

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Sponsored by BLAP! Models

by Vincent Meens

Scale: 1/90

The SATURN V model was built in 1987 using the Heller CSM and LM models as a base kit. The original Heller kit was built several years before and when I measured it I found that the scale was close to 1/90 which is the reason for this scale. Since the Heller CSM kit was a Block I, I had to convert the Service Module into a block II, make the Command Module protective cover and scratch build all the rest (which means all the launcher).

The model is mainly made of cardboard which after several layers of varnish looks almost like plastic. At the time of the model there were no re-issue of the Revell 1/96 model which is the main reason why this was scratch built and not made out of a kit (except the Heller one).

During an international conference in Geneva in 1997 I met Rusty Schweikart who was a member of the US delegation. He kindly accepted to sign my model. In late 1998 The model was exhibited in the Cite de l'Espace space museum in Toulouse, France for the 30th anniversary of the Moon landing. The exhibition was opened by John Young who also kindly accepted to sign it. For about a year the model was exhibited along the N1-L3 soviet Moon launcher which I also built at the same scale.

Image: Overall model, front and back

Image: Lower half

Image: S IVB Engine

Image: Rusty Schweikart's autograph

Image: John Young's autograph

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