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First Men on the Moon

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by Al Petrie

Scale: 1/48

Newly reissued just in time for the 40th Anniversary for the Apollo 11 Moon Landings, the Monogram 1/48th scale LM is a nicely detailed and resonably accurate model. I am not a fan of the molded-in shadows on the base, as they only really look okay from behind the model, and look just weird from most other angles. In my opinion, of course.

I decided to build the LM as an OOB exercise, firstly to have something for the SSM contest, secondly, to display at the local hobby shop for the anniversary, and thirdly, to get me to actually finish one of my many Apollo models instead of researching them to death.

Assembly was straightforward, with little fit issues. The only serious seam requiring fixing was along the ascent stage, where the two main halves join. There were a few problems with the foil peeling back after a day or two, so I used Zap-a-gap to fix that. The kit was painted primarily by spray cans, Testors silver for the ascent stage, and Tamiya Gold and black for the exposed areas on the descent stage. The base was painted by misting on three shades of grey (or gray, depending on how you say that word) along with some drybrushing to bring out some details. Buzz and Neil were painted using Tamiya acrylics. I added reflections of the Moon, the flag, and the LM in their visors with said Tamiya paints. The "shadow" areas on the base were painted Tamiya Flat Black, as were areas of the LM.

In all, it's a nice rendition of the Grumman Lunar Module, and a scale tribute to those brave astronauts 40 years ago, and the dedicated team that got them to the moon.

Image: Overall

Image: Buzz Aldrin

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