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Apollo 17

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Sponsored by BLAP! Models

by Pascal Hecker

Scale: 1/32

What can I say about this building, the Apollo era for me is something special. I was born in that period (1969) and my father and mother were addicted to this event through the media.

This diorama was built in 600 hours. There are several additional materials used. The basic kit is from EVA models, the most material are resin and photo-etched brass parts. It is not easy to build as a lot of parts are almost too small to hold with your fingers. The astronaut visors have real 24-karat gold leaf and the space suits have a lot of added details.

The lunar surface is made out different types of sand and the rocks - I used lava rock. I have remade several parts that came in resin from brass because the resin was not good. There is a tiny made brass hammer and fender repair has the style out Apollo 17 mission.

In short, I have enjoyed it very much to build this rich, historic and eye-catching diorama.


Image: Another view

Image: And another

Image: Long axis

Image: Astronauts, from "ground level"

Image: Closeup from above

Image: Right side

Image: That's a big rock

Image: Above

Image: Yes, it is

Image: Rover and driver

Image: Rover front, from above

Image: Other side

Image: Repairs

Image: Another look

Image: Overall

Image: Again

Image: Dedication

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