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Moonbase Alpha Clock

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Sponsored by BLAP! Models

by Bruce Rollins

Scale: Non

For me, the ultimate expression of man's hope to colonize the moon is Moonbase Alpha from the television series "Space: 1999". This model is a kit bash of the AMT/Ertl Moonbase Alpha kit. I decided that it would make a nice clock, so I discarded the "Main Mission" building and the awful thin, plastic lunar surface. I built a frame using 1/4" MDF and a masonite sheet. The frame detailing was done using sheet styrene in the style of the moonbase buildings. I borrowed this idea from a similar product that was once offered by Jim Small. The lunar surface was made using Bondo auto body filler. I added craters and other details with a round Dremel drill head. The Ultraprobe and Eagle clock hands are stickers courtesy of Small Art Works (EIMB). I built the missing launch pads (only 3 are provided in the kit) and added additional travel tubes and details with Evergreen styrene tubing.

A unique feature of this model is the use of one of the provided Eagle Transporters to create a crash scene. Fans of the series know that crashing Eagles was a rather frequent occurrence. It is placed appropriately at six-o-clock.

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Image: Side view

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