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Move Me to the Moon

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Sponsored by BLAP! Models

by Roger Fluhr

Scale: 1/24

The year is 2085 the Moon has been the home of a thriving mining operation for 30 years. The workers live in several domed communities surrounding the mines, the company Lunar Mining Inc. provides transportation for employees only. Miners and support staff must provide transportation for families and personal possessions. This has led to a booming space craft rental operation based on the U-Haul space station in earth orbit. Personnel with the proper pilots rating will be given a bonus to cover half of the amount of the rental fee. The U-Haul Co. is happy to provide everything that is required for your move to the moon to be as easy as a move across town.

I got the idea for this project from the Colonial Movers ship in Battlestar Galatica. The cargo box is made from two model car display cases. The main engines are paper towel tubes covered in sheet plastic, the docking engine in the back is from an old lighted makeup mirror. There are lights in the engines and cockpit I made the cab from a Revell 1/24 scale Vostok space ship. I added parts from the Revell 1/72 scale space shuttle and my spares box. The dude in the rented space suit is a 1/24 scale astronaut figure from New Ware. The graphics are from the U-Haul web site; I printed them on card stock, cut them out and glued them to the model. Then I sprayed clear flat over them to protect the ink. I was going for an old beat up and covered with moon dust look.

Image: Overall

Image: Front view

Image: Logo

Image: Cabin

Image: Rear view

Image: Howdy!

Image: Right/rear detail

Image: Astronaut closeup

Image: Above

Image: Side view

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