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Moonlight Serenade

[Proudly Sponsored by BLAP! Models]

Sponsored by BLAP! Models

by Bruce Rollins

Scale: 1/2000

The Moonlight Cruise Lines invite you to come aboard for the trip of a lifetime! The sister ships: Serenade and Sonata await you and that special someone to be whisked-away on a trip around the moon. On board activities include: zero-G moonball(tm) and bungie bouncing, racquetball, tennis, beach volleyball, swimming, shuffleboard, aerobics, and of course, pulse rifle shooting galleries. Once in lunar orbit, surface excursions are available* (*additional fee required).

This model was conceived as the "Love Boat" in space. It is primarily made from sheet styrene and goodies from my spare parts box. A partial list includes: a flashlight reflector, a headphone ear bud, the spin disk from a busted DVD player, disposable razor blade covers, hotel shampoo bottle tops, staples, a snow globe dome, and lots of kit parts. I actually pulled a tape measure on a real tennis court to get the correct dimensions. The looks on the faces of the people who asked me what I was doing were priceless.

Image: Front view

Image: Bow portals

Image: Midships

Image: Left/rear

Image: Overhead

Image: Underneath

Image: Aft


Image: Recreation facilities

Image: Nameplate

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