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Lunar Bug

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Sponsored by BLAP! Models

by Benham Sadr

Scale: Not stated

During my years of pack ratting, I'd accumulated quiet a collection of odd objects, from pieces of an old Galactica Raider to discarded RC dune buggies. When the new contest theme was revealed, I knew I wanted to tackled something using something out of the old pile of greebles. I finally settled on an old RC car that I had acquired from an old friend. I would convert it into a futuristic Lunar Bug (I didn't want to call it Dune Buggy as not to confuse it with the classic Space 1999 vehicle).

First, any obstructive parts were cut off using a Dremel cutting wheel. The cab roof was also cut off. Once that was done, I set out to dress up the interior of the cabin and the void where the chrome-plated rear engine on my dune buggy used to be. Parts from an Eagle Transporter (you know which part) and most of the surface details of a cannibalized Galactica Raider were used to do this. I think the surprise fit was the Raider nose piece, which fit almost perfectly as the dashboard. It even offered a place where the steering wheel could go!

Pieces of 0.060 sheet styrene were used to cover the floor of the driver's cabin, it's shape estimated using Post-Its. Other pieces were used to cover up any unwanted gaps or holes. The mechanism to the front wheels was modified to allow for full pose-ability.

The driver's seat is all scratch built, except for the detail pieces on the outside, those are again, from the Raider. The steering wheel was made of heat- bent sprue. The seat was drawn up is Solid Works, then plans where printed based on the 3D model. Then layer by layer the pieces were put together. The inside scientific equipment on the bug also came from the Raider, this time seriously chopped up!

Once everything was done, parts were primer coated, then painted flat white. To lightly dirty up the vehicle, it was sprayed lightly with semi flat black. To add a very small touch of color, a moonscape was printed and attached on the vehicle's Heads Up Display.

Image: Front/right view

Image: Starting point

Image: Body shell

Image: Axle

Image: Wheels

Image: Cylon parts

Image: In place

Image: Dash

Image: Building the seat

Image: Done

Image: Chassis

Image: Controls

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