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Apollo CSM

[Proudly Sponsored by BLAP! Models]

Sponsored by BLAP! Models

by Al Petrie

Scale: 1/32

Seen here is the venerable Command/Service Module model from Monogram (Now part of Revell USA). I decided to build the kit without the interior detail seen beneath the clear plastic sections, which actually caused a few problems due to the clear sections not having great fit characteristics. Since I normally am stuck trying to get my Apollo builds as accurate as possible, and as a result never getting them finished, I decided to just do this as a Out Of The Box model, no frills, no aftermarket gee gaws...nothing! The only concession to "fixing" the kit was covering the gold chromed section of the Command Module with "Testors Chrome Foil", as Monogram erroneously made it gold.

Paints used were Tamiya sprays, with silver and flat black being the predominant ones, and flat white coming in third. The base is painted pine, with a piece of clear square tubing to support the CSM.

Image: Side view

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