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Starship Modeler's 24th Contest: Trek Wars

Star Trek: Nemesis Scorpion

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By Nick Verginadis

Scale: 1/25

This started out as the "Star Trek Nemesis Scorpion" kit by Polar Lights. This is a simple snap-tite kit, but with all my modifications, I decided to glue it together. Modifications I have performed on this kit include:

  1. Filling in the little foot holds on the front wings, well, because I didn't like 'em!!
  2. Filling in the scalloped edges of the rear wings, the large panel lines and also filled in the little cutouts on the wings, again, because I didn't like 'em!!
  3. Opening up the intake in front of canopy, which was just a solid molded piece.
  4. Opening up the intake on the top rear of the canopy and also adding another smaller intake.
  5. I also really went to town adding detail pieces and greeblies on the bottom of the fuselage. This was really quite bare and plain. The kit originally only had three little exhaust nozzles on the bottom, so I added another three. Most greeblies came from my collection of junk car parts. If you look closely, you may recognise some valve covers and air intakes etc.
  6. I also molded the cockpit panels in clear and built a fully lit interior. LEDs were also used for the blue wing panels, top mounted laser weapon and side headlights. Flickering tea lights were used for the six bottom exhaust nozzles and rear main exhaust nozzle. I also built a console for Data. This served two purposes. One, because it looked a little bare back there, and two, most importantly, to hide all the wires!
  7. I wanted this kit to look a little tougher ... more of a fighter. So I made some wing-mounted guns out of styrene tubing. I also added some missiles to the sides of the fuselage and some larger ones attached to the underside of the wings.

I think I've covered all the modifications I've performed. I've had fun building it. A few fitment issues, especially the wings and canopy, but overall not a bad little kit. The figures of Picard and Data look a little "zombie-ish", but not too bad. I've improved on them a little by turning their heads to the side, instead of the typical straight ahead look.

Now to the background story of this model: After Picard and Data escape in a Scorpion fighter, they take it back to the Enterprise. Here, the R&D Dept evaluate the craft and improve on it by adding more firepower. My model depicts Picard and Data taking the modified Scorpion for an evaluation flight.

Image: Top view

Image: Lights!

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