[Starship Modeler's 23rd on-line modeling contest: Departures]

  Entries -- Kits

 (Box Stock, Accurized, or Limited/Commercially-Available Conversions)

[kit 01]

Stellar Envoy

Kit 01

[Kit 02]

The Yellow Baron

Kit 02

[kit 03]


Kit 03




  Scratchbuilt and Kitbashed Entries

[Scratch 01]

Planet Bel Air

Scratch 01

[Scratch 02]  

Trigon Interceptor

Scratch 02 

[Scratch 03]

Voyage - Ares

Scratch 03




  Dioramas, Vignettes and Collections

[Dio 01]

Untitled No. 1

Dio 01

[Dio 02]

Pink Witches Walker Tank

Dio 02

[Dio 03]

Never-Ending Battle

Dio 03




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