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Starship Modeler's 24th Contest: Trek Wars

ISD Stormhawk

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By Nathan Kelley

Scale: 1/4222

This is my accurized old AMT/ERLT fiber optic Star Destroyer kit. This is my first attempt to really accurize a kit as I was unsatisfied with the original level of detail. I purchased several aftermarket kit conversions including the deflectors, hanger bay, engine bells, and top front ridge photo edge sets. I also found 3D printed parts online for the bridge, tractor array, and side gun banks. The main V-trench side walls were thrown out and replaced with sheet styrene walls and greeblied using sheet styrene scraps and left over battle ship model parts thanks to Adam Savage's YouTube video on the subject. The original superstructure details were sanded off and replaced with scratch built styrene greebles and left over battle ship model parts. The main hull was textured with small styrene and vinyl panels along side the original paneling.

I did my own lighting using SMD LEDs at the engines and strip LEDs lighting the hanger bay and feeding the fiber optics. All of the fiber optics were hand drilled except at the bridge as that mercifully came with the holes printed in them. Due to the less than perfect fit of the scratch built trench, there were a few light blooms along the trench that enhanced the look so I left them.

I painted the model using an engine grey under coat with a light gray top coat to help highlight texture changes and highlighted a few panels with light ghost grey.

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