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Starship Modeler's 24th Contest: Trek Wars

FSMV-1 Dodonna

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By Gerhard Kreutzer

Scale: 1/2500

The FSMV-1 Dodonna (FSMV = Fast Support and Maintenance Vessel) is a ship that, due to its powerful propulsion system, can keep up with even the fastest battleships like Calamari Cruisers or Star Destroyers. In the Imperial forces this type of ship has long since be replaced by more modern designs but the rebel forces still use several of these reliable vessels to support their widespread activities. The versatile design of this 345 m long ship allows it to be used as a tanker or, as in this case, as a combined tanker and maintenance vessel. All kinds of spacecraft that fit through the doors which are 29 m wide and 10 m high can be refuelled, repaired and rearmed in the Dodonna's four hangars.

The large bridge section allows a good overview over hangar traffic and docking manoeuvres with larger ships that need refuelling. The oversized communications and sensor array enables the ship to stay in contact with even the remotest bases or fleet units and to detect enemies early.

Another advantage of this ship type is its high survivability due to its modular construction. Each of the bulky cylindrical sections on both sides can be easily jettisoned in case of a critical hit. The central section that houses the crew quarters and other critical infrastructure then can escape with all of the crew that made it back from the jettisoned sections in time.

The model is about 13,7 cm / 5.4 inches long. At a scale of 1:2500 that means that the original ship would measure about 345 m in length.

The general outline of the model is based on three main donor Kits: Heller's 1:125 Soyuz/Progress kit, AMT/ERTL's mini model of the Republic Cruiser and AMT/ERTL's mini model of the Trade Federation Landing Ship. They are easily detectable in the work-in-progress-picture provides here. These are combined with plastic sheet, evergreen profiles and lots of greeblies from various donor kits and other sources, for example Gundam detailing sets.

Most of the painting including panelling was done using enamels applied with a brush. No airbrush was used. Weathering included enamels as well as acrylics. The yellow stripes on the sides are the only decals used and come from the Soyuz kit.

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