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Starship Modeler's 24th Contest: Trek Wars

USS Franklin NX-326

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By Scott Scariot

Scale: 1/350

This is the U.S.S. Franklin. It's a 1/350 scale kit from Moebius Models. This ship appeared in Star Trek: Beyond. This was a great kit. I was impressed at how well engineered the kit is. However, I added a lighting kit from Tena Controls and I had to defeat a lot of the engineering to get the lighting kit into the model. Supports had to be cut away, holes had to be drilled. In the end a lot of the supports to the pylons had to be cut out so I could get the wires out of the saucer and through the pylons to the nacelles. The Tena Controls lighting kit is great and adds a lot to the model, including spinning Bussard collectors.

I also added photoetch parts from Paragrafix and resin aftermarket photon launcher and bridge and decals from Ugh Models. The bridge part was great because it was cast in clear resin and that helped me light up the interior of the bridge.

The model was painted with Magnesium Alclad II metalizing lacquer and Tamiya Clear Orange. I used a Vallejo wash and Tamiya weathering powders to finish off the model. I was going for a more weathered look after the ship sat on Altamid.

This model took about 6 months to complete.

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