Starship Modeler's 1998 Starfury Contest

Space Filly

By Eric Tetangco

"Wild Child!" and "Space Filly" were inspired by the colorful aviation schemes of the US Navy during the 1960s and 1970s. Yes, the cheesecake images are pictures of model kits! (Horizon's Bettie Page in Orbit and Horizon's Bettie Page Jungle Fever).

Decals are custom made. I used Micromark white decal sheets and an ALPS MD-1000 printer. The "MD" stands for "micro-dry". I didn't spray a clear protectant on the decals after I printed them, so the color rubbed off of them while I was applying them. This worked to my advantage, since the color was mostly rubbed off of the high points of the raised detail, suggesting wear at the right spots. Not coating the decals was a mistake that worked in my favor.

Space Filly by Eric Tetangco


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