Starship Modeler's 1998 Starfury Contest

Flame Mail

By T Roles

Who says there are no flames in outer space?

I decided to make this ship as a tribute to the ancient 'hot rodders' of the 20th century. the flame job started as an old decal sheet called deuces wild. It was cut apart and overlapped before I realized it had to be bigger. Testors red, orange, and white was used to paint about 40 percent of the top and all of the rest. Those thin white borders were a real pain.

Just like any good hot rod its' 'fenders' are stripped off,the paint is primer grey, and it's been left dirty and oxidized. (Can you see where someone wrote 'wash me' with a fingertip?) The pilot had his faceplate filed flat before the 'face' decal was applied and then Microclear was built up overtop to make the visor bubble.

When almost done I saw the Build a Better 'Fury' page so the old barrels were carefully cut off and better ones made from Evergreen tube and a ladder kit. They're not exact but close.

The stand was painted with hot rodder Krackle, which wrinkles up to look like black velvet.

Flame Mail by T Roles


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