Starship Modeler's 1998 Starfury Contest

Rabbit Fury

By David Ferrell

Side View

Rabbit Fury by David Ferrell

"Rabbit Fury" was flown by Lt. Chuck Freeling of the E.A.S Helios during the Earth Mimbari war. Lt. Freeling was killed in action at the Battle of the Line. When Delenn was asked to pick a human to bring aboard the Grey Council flagship she originally picked "Rabbit Fury". However, upon seeing the ship, she realized the truth would not point to a large furry rodent. Lt. Freeling was vaporized and the rest is history. The 'fury pictured is actually Freeling's second mount: "Rabbit Fury II".

This model was based upon the WWII practice of using Looney Tunes characters for nose art, in particular Bugs. I had the idea early on but, was not sure what I could pull off. Bugs is hand drawn, based on a rough sketch from the book "Space Jammin". This scale drawing was redrawn on the surface of the model and hand painted.

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