Starship Modeler's 1998 Starfury Contest

U.S.S. Fury

By Steve 'CultTVMan' Iverson

There are many stories behind the USS Fury. One could imagine that some Earth Force pilot was a fan of an old TwenCen television series. Maybe it's a rejected Federation design. Still another posibility is that it's a one-man fighter from an alternate universe where the Federation Earth Force must protect the Babylon K-7 Space Station from the evil Klingons, Romulans, and Shadows.

The kit is pretty much straight out of the box -Built in five days (this must be some sort of record for me). I did not even modify the guns. I did add internal lighting using Don Matthys' clear resin parts, and a set of 20 randomly flashing LEDs. These, which make the thrusters appear to be firing, were bought at the local Michael's craft store. The paint scheme reflects a classic Star Trek design with the red pennants. The United Federation of Planets decal was created for me by Thomas Sasser. While building the kit, I used information from various websites including Thomas Models' Starfury Page, John Lester's Build a Better 'Fury, and Jay Chladek's JMC Enterprises.

CultTVMan's USS Fury

CultTVMan's USS Fury CultTVMan's USS Fury

CultTVMan's USS Fury

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