Starship Modeler's 1998 Starfury Contest


By John McDannell

During the rebuilding period following the Earth/Minbari war, Earth Force was hard pressed to maintain morale within its ranks. One method which met with considerable success was the reinstatement of famous units. Along with this capital ships were named for famous generals of the past.

This Starfury represents the resurrected "American Volunteer Group (AVG) Flying Tigers unit attached to the EAS Chennault. The Chennault is a part of the 4th Omega Cruiser Group, along with the Timov, Patton, Doolittle, (Bomber) Harris, Mannstien - all named for famous WWII generals. Each cruiser's fighter squadrons have marked their ships in manners relating to its name.

The crews quickly became enthusiastic about this theme, and insignia, patches and symbols began adorning ships and uniforms. The AVG unit, never one to be outdone, spent an entire shore leave decorating their full squadron of Starfuries with "traditional" Flying Tiger camouflage and markings. Needless to say, they began an intense competition which continues throughout OCG-4 to this day.

This inter-unit competition honed the tactics and piloting skills of Earth Force as no dry drills could have hoped to.

Editor's Note: This model was another crowd-pleaser at the International Plastic Modeler's Society Region V Contest 24-5 April, 1998.

John McDannell's AVG

John McDannell's AVG

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