Starship Modeler's 1998 Starfury Contest

Rising Sun

By Jay Chladek

This ship is piloted by Lt. Commander Ken Matsunaga and assigned to the Hyperion- class cruiser EAS Yamato.

Ken is a descendant of Hidenori Matsunaga, a Japanese Ace in World War II with 11 confirmed kills (7 with a seaplane). Like Sinclair, his family has a tradition of military service, although Ken is the first fighter pilot in four generations.

This wing art was originally influenced by thoughts of what Lt. Commander Takashima's Starfury might have looked like if she had stayed on Babylon 5 after the pilot episode. The rising sun artwork (notice it is to the right of centerline, right being east) was all airbrushed. Testor's Model Master Flat White, Polly S Fire Red and Testors Flat Yellow were the main colors.

Given that Starfuries tend to get dirty and damaged rather easily, some of the panels were painted with color variations to give the artwork a multi-tiled appearance. The two Kanji characters are custom made decals printed directly onto decal paper with a plain-paper photocopier. The lightning bolt came from Aeromaster's Zero decal sheet, as did the non standard sized "X-108" code. Weathering on the model was done with pastel chalks.

Top of Jay Chladek's Rising Sun

Bottom of Jay Chladek's Rising Sun

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